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School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Graduate Alumni of the Marine Science Program 1973 - 2014

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DUGGAN, Brian.  Neodymium Isotopic Signature of the Deep Western Boundary Current and the Distribution of Neodymium Isotopes and Concentrations Across Line W.  65pp.  (Director of Thesis: Howie Scher) (M.S.)

FELTON, Clifford.  A Study on Oceanic and Atmospheric Processes in the North Indian Ocean. 97pp.  (Director of Thesis: Subra Bulusu) (M.S.)

HEHMAN, Lauren.  The Effects of Aeration on Phytoplankton Community Composition and Primary Production in Stormwater Detention Ponds near Myrtle Beach, SC.  69pp.  (Director of Thesis: Tammi Richardson) (M.S.)

MILLER, Daniel.  Geochemical Analysis of Eolian Fluxes During the Transition from Greenhouse to Icehouse Conditions in Equatorial Pacific.  65pp.  (Director of Thesis: Howie Scher) (M.S.)

OPSETH, Annie.  The Composition and Downward Vertical Transport of Particulate Phophorus in the Cariaco Basin, Venezuela.  89pp.  (Director of Thesis: Claudia Benitez-Nelson) (M.S.)

PHILBEN, Michael.  Climatic Controls on Organic Matter Decomposition in Boreal Peatlands.  200pp.  (Director of Dissertation: Ron Benner) (Ph.D.)

STELLICK-SEEPAULSINGH, Sarah.  Using Comparative Metagenomics to Determine the Role of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus) as Sentinels for Human Respiratory Health.  210pp.  (Director of Thesis: Pam Morris) (M.S.)


ABRAMYAN, Ivetta.  Atmospheric patterns and Asian typhoon landfalls.  111pp. (Director of Thesis: Cary Mock) (M.S.)

CHEN, Si.  The Effects of Rainfall-runoff on Particulate Organic Carbon Cycling in Salt Marshes.  182pp. (Director of Dissertation: Ray Torres) (Ph.D.)

FICHOT, Cedric.  Transformations and fates of terrigenous dissolved organic matter in river-influenced ocean margins.  162pp. (Director of Dissertation: Ron Benner) (Ph.D.)

HOGAN, Jessica.  Evaluating the impact of fishery-related claw removal on diet, consumption rate, energetics and reproduction in the Florida stone crab (Menippe SPP).  57pp. (Director of Thesis: Blaine Griffen) (M.S.)

KISH, Nicole.  Modeling Approaches, Physiological Responses, and Climate Change: How Good is "Good Enough?"  55pp.  (Director of Thesis: David Wethey) (M.S.)

KUMAR, Nirnimesh. Measurement and Three-dimensional Modeling of Hydrodynamic Processes in the Inner Shelf and Surf Zone.380pp. (Director of Dissertation: George Voulgaris) (Ph.D.)

LACHENMYER, Eric.  DOC Dynamics in Eddies of the Sargasso Sea.  73pp. (Director of Thesis: Tammi Richardson) (M.S.)

NIENHAUS, Matthew.  The role of Kelvin saves on the circulation and salt transport variability in the coastal Bay of Bengal.  93pp. (Director of Thesis: Subrahmanyam Bulusu) (M.S.)

REVELS, Brandi.  Chemical leaching methods and measurements of marine labile particulate [Iron] and delta-Iron-56. 97pp. (Director of Thesis: Seth John) (M.S.)

SMITH, Brian.  Evidence for Antarctic Ice Sheets During the Late Eocene.  34pp.  (Director of Thesis: Howie Scher) (M.S.)

WEGNER, Chelsea.  Tidal variability in coral reef hydrodynamics: Implications for sea level rise.  53pp. (Director of Thesis: Jean Ellis) (M.S.)

ZIMBERLIN, Michelle.  Nutrient Limitation of Bioluminescent Dinoflagellates in Mangrove Lagoon, Salt River By, St. Croix. 49pp. (Director of Thesis: Jay Pinckney) (M.S.)


NYADJRO, Ebenezer Sackitey. Study on the basin scale salt exchange in the Indian Ocean using satellite observations and model simulations. 181pp. (Director of Dissertation: Subrahmanyam Bulusu)  (Ph.D.

PAL, Shamila.  Phosphorus Distribution and Partitioning in the Chukchi Sea  66pp. (Director of Thesis: Claudia Benitez-Nelson) (M.S.)

SIMMONS, Gwen.  Characterization of wave and current energy levels in estuarine waters for particulate dispersion studies: case study Winyah Bay, South Carolina 137pp.  (Director of Thesis: George Voulgaris) (M.S.)


BUCKLEY, JR., Wayne P.  Tracking changes in silicon isotopic composition during diatom descent and dissolution in the Cariaco Bason.  48pp. (Director of Thesis: Howie Scher) (M.S.)

GOLDMAN, Emily A. Spectral fluorometric characterization of phytoplankton community composition and biomass, chromophoric dissolved organic matter and photosynthetic capacity using the algae online analyzer. 45 pp. (Director of Thesis: Tammi Richardson). (M.S.)

IACARELLA, Josephine.  Behavioral and physiological responses of the salt marsh snail, Littoraria irrorata, to thermal and desiccation stresses. 103 pp. (Director of Thesis: Brian Helmuth)  (M.S.)

JIA, Yan. The Impact of Stratified Ambient Water on Freshwater Transport in a River Plume. 102 pp. (Director of Thesis: Alexander Yankovsky). (M.S.)

LAWRENZ, Evelyn. Spectral irradiance and phytoplankton community composition in blackwater estuaries. 220 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Tammi Richardson). (Ph.D.)

MAZA CHAMORRO, Mauro Antonio.  Inner shelf circulation off Cartagena de Indias, Caribbean coast of Columbia. 159 pp.  (Director of Thesis: George Voulgaris).  (Ph.D.)

PRIEST, Brant.  Effects of elevation and nutrient availability on the primary production of Spartina alterniflora and the stability of southeastern coastal salt marshes relative to sea level rise.  73 pp. (Director of Thesis: James Morris) (M.S.)

SHEN, Yuan.  Sources and export of dissolved organic matter in the Mississippi-Atchafalaya River system.  97pp.  (Director of Thesis:  Ronald Benner) (M.S.)

STEPHEN, Jessica A. The effects of minimum size limit regulations on exploited fish populations off the Atlantic coast of the southeastern United States. 173 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Sarah Woodin)  (Ph.D.)

WEJNERT, Katherine Elizabeth.  Seasonal and annual variability in elemental and isotopic proxies of past ocean conditions: Results from the Guaymas and Cariaco Basins.  237 pp. (Director of Thesis: Robert Thunell) (Ph.D.)


KE, Ziming.  Low frequency edge waves and their role in coastal dynamics. 95pp. (Director of Thesis: Alexander Yankovsky). (M.S.)


CADDEN, Dara. A study of the Indian Ocean response to ENSO and IOD using satellite observations. 123pp. (Director of Dissertation: Subramanyam Bulusu) (PH.D.)

GIERACH, Michelle. Analysis of the Upper Ocean Response to Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico using Satellite Observations and Moddel Simulations. 110pp. (Director of Dissertation: Subramanyam Bulusu). (PH.D.)

HARDEE, Michelle L. Calibrating paleoproxies: The reliability of multiple sea surface paleotemperature indicators in the Santa Barbara Basin. 116 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Robert Thunell). (Ph.D.)

KAISER, Karl. Sources and biochemical composition of detrital organic matter in the sea.159pp. (Director of Dissertation: Ronald Benner) (PH.D.)

RANHOFER, Melissa R. Utilization of Dissolved Organic Phosphorus by Estuarine Phytoplankton. 95pp. (Director of Dissertation: Tammi Richardson). (PH.D.)

ENGLE, Melissa R. Stable Isotopes: A Tool for Detecting Nitrogen Cycle Processes in Proccess in Laboratory Microcosm Experiments. 11pp. (Director of Thesis: Marjorie Aelion). (M.S.)

LIFF, Harmony. An Examination of Intertidal Temperature through Remotely Sensed Satellite Observation. 83pp. (Director of Thesis: Venkat Lakshmi). (M.S.)



CASTILLO, Karl. Thermal History, Benthic Composition, and Coral Physiological Response: A Comparison Between Inner Lagoon Reef and Outer Barrier Reef Conspecifics. 95pp. (Director of Dissertation: Brian Helmuth). (PH.D.)

KAWASAKI, Nobuyuki. Bacterial Production of Particulate and Dissolved Organic Matter in Aquatic Environments. 119pp. (Director of Dissertation: Ronald Benner). (PH.D.)

WANG, Weihong. Investigation of Belowground Carbon Dynamics in East Coast Salt Marshes, USA. 109pp. (Director of Dissertation: Douglas Williams). (PH.D.)

SHANNON, Jessica L. Limnological Characterization of Reservoirs Affected by Avian Vacuolar Myelinopathy (AVM) in the Southeastern United States. 49pp. (Director of Thesis: Tammi Richardson). (M.S.)

PATE, Whitney M. Relationships Among Spartina alternifloraLittoraria irrorata and Dimethylsulfoniopropionate (DMSP). 80pp. (Director of Thesis: James T. Morris). (M.S.)

YAMANE, Lauren A. Contrasting Responses of an Intertidal Predator to Aerial and Aquatic Body Temperatures. 38pp. (Director of Thesis: Brian Helmuth). (M.S.)



DAVIS, Jenny. Linkages Between Molecular Composition, Bioavailability and Microbial Utilization of Dissolved Organic Matter in the Western Arctic Ocean. 134pp. (Director of Dissertation: Ronald Benner). (PH.D.)

TRAYNUM, Steven B. Exchange Flow Characteristics Between Two Connected Estuaries: North Inlet and Winyah Bay, South Carolina. 62pp. (Director of Thesis: Richard Styles). (M.S.)

BUSCHUR, Jean Marie C. Benzalkonium Chloride Potodegradation Resistance, Adsorption Qualities, and Toxicological Effects on Estuarine Phytoplankton. 53pp. (Director of Thesis: Jay Pinckney). (M.S.)



CALLE Delgado, Katiuski Paola. Tolerance of Tidal Creek Macrobenthic Organisms to Multiple Stressors:  Implications on Distributional Patterns. 185pp.  (Directors of Dissertation: Mark Dean, and Frederick A. Holland). (PH.D.)

BESERES, Jennifer J. Ecological Impacts on Predation by White Shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus) on Subtidal Macrobenthos in North Inlet, SC, deduced from field, laboratory and modeling studies. 151pp. (Director of Dissertation: Robert J. Feller). (PH.D.)

JEAN-BAPTISTE, Neudy. Structure, Modeling, and Ecological Characterization of Bocozelle Mangrove Habitat in the Coastal Zone of Saint Marc Bay, Haiti. 103pp. (Director of Dissertation: John R. Jensen). (PH.D.)

CERVINO, James M. The Links Between Thermal Coral Reef Bleaching and Vibrio Pathogens as Causative Factors of Yellow Band Disease. 110pp. (Director of Dissertation: Garriet Smith). (PH.D.)

ANSELL, Christine M. Detection of Waterborne Cues from the Predatory Seastar Luidia clathrata (Say) and Conspecifics by BrittlestarOphiolepis elegans. [Echinodermata: Opiuroidea]. 46pp. (Director of Thesis: Stephen E. Stancyk). (M.S.)

TEMPLETON, Ryan C. The Effects of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Benthic Estuarine Invertebrates. 95pp. (Directors of Thesis: Lee Ferguson and Thomas Chandler). (M.S.)



SHUFORD, Rebecca L. Age and Growth, and Distribution as Inferred from Microchemical Analysis of Juvenile Otoliths, for Yellowfin Tuna,Thunnus albacares, from the Atlantic Ocean. 283pp. (Director of Dissertation: John Mark Dean). (PH.D.)

BRETSCH, Kurt P. Nekton Behavior in Salt Marsh Intertidal Creeks: Patterns and Mechanisms of Tidal Movement. 139pp. (Director of Dissertation: Dennis M. Allen). (PH.D.)

JOHNSON, Wesley R. Ecologic Factors Influencing Salt Marsh Bacterial Community Structure. 174pp. (Director of Dissertation: Madilyn Fletcher). (PH.D.)

ARMSTRONG, Brandy N. Currents along the Mesoamerican Reef, Western Caribbean. 32pp. (Director of Thesis: Björn Kjerfve). (M.S.)

HENRY, Maxine L. Modeling Environmental Effects on Body Temperature of an Intertidal Saltmarsh Snail (Ilyanassa obsoleta Say). 78pp. (Director of Thesis: Brian Helmuth). (M.S.)

MARONEY, Lisa A. Sources and Distribution of Terrestrially-Derived High Molecular Weight Dissolved Organic Matter in a Subterranean Estuary (North Inlet, South Carolina) and in Winyah Bay and South Carolina Coast. 178pp. (Director of Thesis: Miguel Goni). (M.S.)

HOOKER, Dara D. Estimates of Geostrophic Transport in the South Atlantic Bight (1992-2004). 46pp. (Director of Thesis: Richard Styles). (M.S.)



GORDON, Elizabeth S. Sources and fate of terrigenous organic matter in modern and ancient sediments from the Northern Gulf of Mexico. 211 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Miguel A Goni). (PH.D.)

HINTZ, Christopher J. Foraminiferal Biomineralization: Culture experiments on trace/minor element uptake, ontogenetic, and calcification rate effects. 162pp. (Directors of Dissertation: Timothy Shaw and Thomas Chandler). (PH.D.)

JACKSON, Maria Gabriella de Oliveira. Ecology of the epiphytic Microalgalcommunity on Spartina alterniflora in North Inlet Estuary, SC. 275pp. (Director of Dissertation: Richard Zingmark). (PH.D.)

BEHUM, Matthew E. Distribution of juvenile Uca pugnax and Uca pugilator across habitats in a South Carolina estuary using molecular Techniques.  50pp.  (Director of Thesis:  Renae Brodie). (M.S.)

HOLM, Heather E. Horizontal dispersion of eggs of Cubera snapper, Lutjanus cyanopterus, at Gladden Spit, Belize. 36pp. (Director of Thesis: Björn Kjerfve). (M.S.)

LYNCH, D. Mark. Differential browsing and predation rates on Streblospio benedicti in North Inlet, South Carolina.  59pp. (Director of Thesis: Sarah Woodin). (M.S.)

O'NEILL, Lauren P. Organic and inorganic phosphorus fractionation across an oxic/anoxic interface. 101pp. (Director of Thesis:  Claudia Benitez-Nelson). (M.S.)

VARNEY, Robin L. Insights into marine mussel (Mytilus spp.) Colonization in the Southern Hemisphere by phylogenetic Analysis. 49pp. (Director of Thesis: Thomas Hilbish). (M.S.)



HARTMAN Mary Jo. Population dynamics and trophic interactions of Petrolisthes armatus, an invasive decapod crustacean. 128pp. (Major Professor: Stephen E. Stancyk). (PH.D.)

BORN, Katherine A. Using geographic information systems, remote sensing and internet mapping systems for mapping, assessing, and monitoring localized developed estuaries. 137pp. (Director of Thesis: Dwayne E. Porter). (M.S.)

BRUSH, Juliana. An Aero-mycological survey of African dust events in the Caribbean and the relation to diseases of Caribbean Gorgonian Corals. 124pp. (Dirctor of Thesis: Garriet Smith). (M.S.)

VILLANUEVA, Stacy. Temporal genetic variation in the meiobenthic copepod, Microarthridion littorale. 45pp. (Director of Thesis: B. C. Coull). (M.S.)

CASTILLO, Karl. Effects of Elevated Seawater Temperature on the Scelractinian Coral Montastraea annularis from the Inner and Outer Reefs of Southern Belize. 75pp. (Director of Thesis: Brian Helmuth). (M.S.)



BESERES, Jennifer J. Gut passage times in 3 penaeid shrimp species as a function of feed quality: Comparing field and laboratory measurements. 179 pp. (Director of Thesis: Robert J. Feller). (M.S.)

BROWN, Michelle M. Expression of NIFH genes by diazotrophic bacteria in herhizosphere of short form Spartina alterniflora as determined using reverse transcriptase PCR. 45 pp. (Director Thesis: Charles R. Lovell). (M.S.)

HALL, Rosemary E. The effects of Zinc on arm regeneration in the brittlestars Amphipholis gracillima and Ophiothrix angulata. 70 pp. (Director of Thesis: Stephen E. Stancyk). (M.S.)

WANG, Xiaoqun. Carbohydrates as molecular indicators of organic matter cycling in the North Pacific Ocean. 48 pp. (Director of Thesis: Ronald H. Benner). (M.S.)

WOLFE, Erin E. Recruitment of Arenicola cristata juveniles into disturbed and undisturbed sediments in flow: Differential retention and negative cues. 31 pp. (Director Thesis: Sarah A. Woodin). (M.S.)



DRIGGERS, William B., III. Age Growth, Reproduction and Population genetics of the Blacknose Shark, Carcharhinus aronotus, in the Western North Atlantic. 104 pp. (Director of Dissertation: John Mark Dean). (PH.D.)

RESTREPO Angel, Juan D. Physical processes in the San Juan River Delta and Comparisons to the Magdalena River, Colombia. 179 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Björn Kjerfve). (PH.D.)

EDWARDS, Deirdre R. The Effects of Prey Density on Predator Deterrence by Haloorganic-Containing Infauna. 35 pp. (Director of Thesis: Sarah A. Woodin). (M.S.)

GRIFFITT, Robert J. "Isolation of a B-like GABA receptor from an Estuarine Nematode, Cylindrotheristus miamiensis . 63 pp. (Director of Thesis: Bruce C. Coull). (M.S.)

HAZZARAD, Sarah E. Copepod Nutrition in Florida Bay: The Relationship between the fatty Acid Composition of the Food Environment and Acartia tonsa Egg Production. 96 pp. (Director of Thesis: Gary S. Kleppel). (M.S.)

MEYERS, Samuel T. Short-term, Small-scale Effects of Turbulence, Flocculation, and Meteorological Events on Sediment Transport in the Bly Creek Tidal Channel, North Inlet, South Carolina. 104 pp. (Director of Thesis: George Voulgaris). (M.S.)

SHUFORD, Rebecca L. Age and Length at Reproductive Maturity in Atlantic Yellowfin Tuna, Thunnus Albacares: A Preliminary Investigation. 128 pp. (Director of Thesis: John Mark Dean). (M.S.)

STEPHEN, Jessica A. "Gut Passage Time, Nitrogen Assimilation Efficiency, and Growth in the White Shrimp, Litopenaeus setiferus." 111 pp. (Director of Thesis: Robert J. Feller). (M.S.)

WILLIS, Bonnie M. "The Use of High Molecular Weight Dissolved Organic Matter by Phytoplankton." 64 pp. (Director of Thesis: Alan J. Lewitus). (M.S.)



GREIVELDINGER-BAILEY Stephanie M. Metal Mixture Toxicity to Microcosm-Cultured Meiobenthos: An Assessment of Sediment Phase Effects on Bioavailability. 31 pp. (Director of Thesis: Thomas G. Chandler). (M.S.)

BEJARANO, Adriana C. Uptake and fate of Trichloroethylene (TCE) in Spartina alterniflora Loisel. 64 pp. (Director of Thesis: James T. Morris). (M.S.)

CALLE DELGADO, Katiuska Paola. Characterization of Water Masses in an Intensive Shrimp Culture Pond. 65 pp. (Director of Thesis: Paul A. Sandifer). (M.S.)

ELLIN, Rebecca C. Planktonic Cincentration and Dispersal of The Oyster Parasite Perkinsus marinus. 95 pp. (Director of Thesis: David Bushek). (M.S.)

LEHNERT, Richard L. Subtidal Oyster Rubble as Overlooked Essential Fish Habitat: With an Emphasis on Age and Growth of Young of the Year Black Sea Bass (Centropristis striata) in that Habitat. 165 pp. (Director of Thesis: Dennis M. Allen). (M.S.)



EDDINS, Stefka G. N. Scientific and Educational Aspects of the Carbon Cycle in Winyah Bay, South Carolina. 130 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Douglas F. Williams). (PH.D.)

HOSKINS, Dionne L. Utilization of Microbial Exopolymers by a Deposit-Feeding Brittlesstar: Trophic and Toxicological Implications. 103 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Stephen E. Stancyk). (PH.D.)

DAVIDSON, Nicholas E. Immunochemical Confirmation of Predation Upon Seep Mussels and Tubeworms in the Gulf of Mexico. 67 pp. (Director of Thesis: Robert J. Feller). (M.S.)



DAVID, Laura T. Circulation and Dispersion in a Large Coastal Tropical Lagoon: Laguna de Terminos, Cameche, Mexico. 135 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Björn Kjerfve). (PH.D.)

MCCRAITH, Barbara J. The Distribution and Dynamics of Fiddler Crab Burrowing and Its Effect on Salt Marsh Sediment Composition and Chemistry in a Southeastern Salt Marsh. 181 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Robert L. Gardner). (PH.D.)

PEÑA, Enrique J. Physiological Ecology of Mangrove-Associated Macroalgae in a Tropical Estuary. 59 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Richard G. Zingmark). (PH.D.)

RICHMOND, Courtney E. Environmental Variability and Benthic Invertebrates: The Individual and Population-Level Effects of Estuarine Salinity Fluctuations. 198 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Sarah A. Woodin). (PH.D.)

SANGER, Denise M. Physical Chemical, and Biological Environmental Quality of Tidal Creeks and Salt Marshes in South Carolina Estuaries. 478 pp. (Directors of Dissertation: Fred Holland and Bruce Coull). (PH.D.)

DRIGGERS, Williams B. Age and Growth of Yellowfin Tuna, (Thunnus albacares) in the Western North Atlantic. 55 pp. (Director of Thesis: John Mark Dean). (M.S.)

GAVLIK, Steven . Effect of Salinity and Acclimation Time on Resting Metabolic Rate in Juvenile Spot, Leiostomus xanthurus (Pisces). 45 pp. (Director of Thesis: Pernell V. Lewis). (M.S.)

HAVACH, Suzanne M. Physicochemically Constrained Culture of Paleoceanographically-Important Benthic Foraminifera for the Determination of Trace Element Distribution Coefficients. 75 pp. (Co-Directors of Thesis: G. Thomas Chandler and Timothy J. Shaw). (M.S.)

OSWALD, Kenneth J. The Population Genetics of the Carolina Darter (Etheostoma collis) With Implications for Conservation. 59 pp. (Director of Thesis: Joseph M. Quattro). (M.S.)



PRIDE, Carol. An Evaluation and Application of Paleoceanographic Proxies in the Gulf of California. P197 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Robert C. Thunell). (PH.D.)

GIELAZYN, Michel Lynn. Subsurface Feeding Behavior of the Burrowing Ophiuroid Microphiopholis gracillima (Stimpson) (Echinodermata). 53 pp. (Director of Thesis: Stephen E. Stancyk). (M.S.)

HORTON, Mary Elizabeth. The Ecological Effects of Golf Course Management on Benthic Macroinvertebrates. 94 pp. (Directors of Thesis: Bruce C. Coull and Joseph Schubauer-Berigan). (M.S.)

JONES, William Joseph. Population Genetics of Summer Flounder (Paralichthys dentatus). 71 pp. (Director of Thesis: Joseph M. Quattro). (M.S.)

WAGNER, Amy Elizabeth. Long-Term Trends and a Modified Sampling Design for Estuarine Meiobenthos. 32 pp. (Director of Thesis: Bruce C. Coull). (M.S.)



CISLO, Paul R. Physiological Performance and Thermal Tolerance Within the Genus Mytilus with Reference to the Distribution of Allopatric Populations. 83 pp. (Director of Thesis: Thomas J. Hilbish). (M.S.)

CORBETT, Christopher W. Nonpoint Source Runoff Modeling: A Comparison of an Undeveloped and an Urbanized Watershed on the South Carolina Coast. 62 pp. (Director of Thesis: Bjorn Kjerve). (M.S.)

HAMMERSTROM, Kamille K. Induction of Polyphenolics in Kelps of the San Juan Archipelago, Washington. 36 pp. (Director of Thesis: James E. Eckman and Sarah A. Woodin). (M.S.)

ORTON, Philip M. Evaluation of the Applicability of Vertical Suspended Sediment Distribution Equations in an Estuarine Turbidity Maximum. 48 pp. (Director of Thesis: Gail C. Kineke). (M.S.)

PORTHOUSE, Jonathan D. The High-Tide of Early Life Stages of the Grass Shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio, and the White Shrimp, Penaeus setiferus, with Respect to Spartina alterniflora. 59 pp. (Director of Thesis: Robert J. Feller). (M.S.)

SHEPHERD, Timothy Howard. The Effects of Microphiopholis gracillima (Echimodermata: Ophiuroidea) on the Flux of Lithium Across the Sediment-Water Interface. 44 pp. (Director of Thesis: Stephen E. Stancyk). (M.S.)



ARANA, Andrew B. Length of Larval Life and Timing of Metamorphosis in Rock Hind, Epinephelus adscencionis. 47 pp. (Director of Thesis: John Mark Dean). (M.S.)

GEE, Christopher C. Effects of Walls, Paternity, and Age on Sea Urchin Sperm Motility. 43 pp. (Director of Thesis: Richard K. Zimmer-Faust). (M.S.)

KREST, James M. 228Ra and 226Ra as Indicators of Sea Water-Sediment Interactions in The Mississippi and Atchafalaya Mixing Zones. 60 pp. (Director of Thesis: Willard S. Moore). (M.S.)



EMBER, Leon M. 1994. Decomposition of the salt marsh cordgrass, Spartina alterniflora - comparative stable carbon isotopic studies of field and laboratory experiments. 118 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Debra S. Stakes). (PH.D.)

CHIARAMONTE, Christina I. A technique to incorporate large-scale information into smaller-scale Geophysical fluid dynamic models. 41 pp. (Director of Thesis: James C. Evans). (M.S.)

MARSHALL, Kimberly R. Effects of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) or removal of meiobenthic copepods by juvenile spot (Leiostomus xanthurus). 41 pp. (Director of Thesis: Bruce C. Coull). (M.S.)

MELARO, Eric W. Methods for concentrating, de-salting, and partially purifying basic peptides from seawater and from oyster mantle fluid. 41 pp. (Director of Thesis: Richard K. Zimmer-Faust). (M.S.)

VOGEL, Ronald L. Pathways for inorganic sediment exchange, North Inlet salt marsh, South Carolina. 46 pp. (Director of Thesis: Björn Kjerfve). (M.S.)



D'ANDREA, Anthony F. Sublethal effects of cadmium on arm regeneration in the burrowing brittlestar, Microphiopholis gracillima (Stimpson) (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea). 119 pp. (Director of Thesis: Stephen E. Stancyk). (M.S.)

MEYER, Miles A. Effects of sediment-associated azinphosmethyl on egg production by a meiobenthic copepod. 46 pp. (Director of Thesis: Bruce C. Coull). (M.S.)

SHARRER, Brent Gregory. 1993. A caging study to compare growth rates of the Hogchoker, Trinectes maculatus (Bloch and Schneider), under benthic and planktonic feeding regimes. 75 pp. (Director of Thesis: Robert J. Feller). (M.S.)

THUMA, Todd S. 1993. Scanning electron microscopic investigation of embryo, veliger, juvenile, and adult shells of Ilyanassa obsoleta, Say (Prosobranchia). 49 pp. (Director of Thesis: Norimitsu Watabe). (M.S.)

WIRTH, Edward F. 1993. Determination of aroclor 1254 body burdens in the benthic copepod Amphiascus tenuiremis using a microextraction. 40 pp. (Director of Thesis: G. Thomas Chandler). (M.S.)



DAVEY, Pamela A. The effect of microclimate on the distribution of the mussel Brachidontes exustus. 51 pp. (Director of Thesis: David S. Wethey). (M.S.)

DIPINTO, Lisa. The lethal/sublethal effects of the sediment-associated PCB aroclor 1245 on a meiobenthic copepod. 60 pp. (Director of Thesis: Bruce C. Coull). (M.S.)

GAO, Xiaodong. Temperature, salinity, and sediment organic carbon effects on sedimentary porewater 3C dissolved inorganic carbon. 106 pp. (Director of Thesis G. Thomas Chandler). (M.S.)

GREEN, Andrew S. Toxicity and bioavailability of sediment associated cadmium to the benthic copepod, Amphiascus tenuiremis. 39 pp. (Director of Thesis: Elizabeth R. Blood). (M.S.)

HEYMAN, William D. Settlement and post larval substrate requirements for giant clams Tridacna gigas. 82 pp. (Director of Thesis: Thomas J. Hilbish). (M.S.)

LI, Wei. Numerical modeling on the Florida Straits Transport. 86 pp. (Director of Thesis: James C. Evans). (M.S.)

NIKOLOVA, Stefka G. Anthropogenic contributions to acidic precipitation at North Inlet, South Carolina. 44 pp. (Director of Thesis: Elizabeth R. Blood). (M.S.)

ROBLETO, Jose A. Effect of different levels of juvenile Australian Red Claw Crayfish, Cherax quadricarinatus (von Martens). 45 pp. (Director of Thesis: Stephen E. Stancyk). (M.S.)

SHUFORD, Robert B.E., III. Spatial and temporal variability in abundance of the polychaete worm, Streblospio benedicti, Webster 1879. 67 pp. (Director of Thesis: Robert J. Feller). (M.S.)

SUPP, Martha J. Growth and survival of pond-reared larval striped bass Morone saxatilis (Walbaum) related to zooplankton density and composition, and age at stocking. 115 pp. (Director of Thesis: John Mark Dean). (M.S.)

ZHANG, Yan. 1992. Empirical orthogonal function analysis of the loop current, the Yucatan current and the Florida current. 89 pp. (Director of Thesis: James C. Evans). (M.S.)



BRADLEY, Paul M. Effects of edaphic factors on the physiological ecology of the salt marsh cord grass, Spartina alterniflora Loisel. 196 pp. (Director of Dissertation: James T. Morris). (PH.D.)

CYR, Edward C. Aspects of the life history of the Tarpon, Megalops atlanticus, from South Florida. 138 pp. (Director of Dissertation: John M. Dean). (PH.D.)

KAWAGUCHI, Tomohiro. The organic matrix of the shell of the American oyster, Crassostrea virginica in shell formation. Biochemical and immunocytochemical investigations. 210 pp. (Director of Dissertation: Norimitsu Watabe). (PH.D.)

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