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MEERM Thesis List

Earth and Environmental Resource Management thesis projects completed by our MEERM graduate degree candidates 1997-Present, with links to thesis abstracts as available.

How to Obtain Full-Text Copies of MEERM Theses

Users with valid USC IDs: Thomas Cooper Library provides Full Text – PDF access to USC theses and dissertations from the Thomas Cooper library website.

To see the first ETD submitted at University of South Carolina, type azad in the search box and click the search button. In the Result screen, click Full Text – PDF. This will demonstrate the ETD format for USC and let you see color and high resolution of figures not previously available with paper submissions. USC libraries will also obtain microfiche copies from ProQuest / UMI for archival purposes. Theses and dissertations may also be accessed from the ProQuest database from any browser location in the world, but full text access is restricted when this database is not accessed through the USC library link. This public ProQuest database does provide viewers the option to purchase theses and dissertations with a royalty payment back to the author.

For an additional processing fee, ETD submissions via the ProQuest portal may specify “Open Access” which provides full text access without fees to users throughout the world. This is not a USC Graduate School requirement but authors may elect this option if they want their scholarship to have the greatest availability.

MEERM Graduate Theses


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First Name

Thesis Title

2016 Brown Marvin Flora of the Waccamaw Neck, South Carolina
2016 Clarridge Austin Butterfly Inventory and Phenology at Congaree National Park Abstract
2016 Curwen Patrick Analyzing the impacts of a potassium fertilizer on biomass and yield of Winter Wheat in South Carolina Abstract
2016 Iannone Alexander A Comparison of Framing in Two Environmental Conflicts
2016 Leblang Laurence Causes of Landfill Gas Migration in the Subsurface:  A Study of South Carolina MSW Landfills
2016 Leypoldt Dustin Land, Mangal, and Coral, a love triangle set in the small island developing state of St. Kitts and Nevis and starring remote sensing satellites and geographical information systems
2016 Marshall Justin Analysis of the Effectiveness of Antifungal Agents on the Presence of Aflatoxin in Food & Feed Products
2015 Gulledge Shadow Modeling Mussel Mortality:  Investigating the Importance of Swash and the Potential Implications of Changing Wave Environments.  Abstract
2015 Johnson Sam Climate-Induced Changes in the Germination Phenology of Boechera Stricta.  Abstract
2015 Seigler Wesley Analysis of Hurricane Preparedness Levels and Evacuation Intent for South Carolina Coastal Residents.  Abstract
2014 Al-Hashmi Amna Assessing the Impact of Mining on Water Quality in the Hatta Open Pit Copper Mine in Oman.  Abstract
2014 Sexton Brett Potential Stormwater Runoff Reductions by Incorporating Low Impact Development:  Rocky Branch Watershed, Columbia, SC
2014 Williams Chenille Comparative Recharge Rates of Isolated and Riverine Wetlands.  Abstract
2014 Cain  Rebecca A Quantitative Analysis of White-Tailed Deer Harvest Across States and Counties.   Abstract
2013 Bitsadze Maka Identifying Values and Benefits of Congaree National Park
2013  Deeb Reem Climate Change Effects on Vibrio Bacteria in the Winyah Bay Estuary and the Projected Spread of Vibrio under Future Climatic Scenarios.
2012 Meitzen Walt Propagation of Vallisneria Americana (MICHX.); Vegetation Management in South Carolina Reservoirs.
2012 Tupper Ford A Cost Comparison of a Low Impact Development to Traditional Residential Development along the South Carolina Coast.
2012 Taylor April Improving Wetland Mitigation in the coastal Plain of South Carolina with the Watershed Planning and Mitigation Banking Aspects of the New Mitigation Rule.
2012 Johnson Mattias Policy Considerations Regarding Escaped Fish in the Expansion of Offshore Aquaculture.
2011 Hook Michael Environmental determinants of Stigonematales abundance in a southeastern reservoir.
2010 Sparks Hillary Benefits of seafood consumption versus risks of methyl mercury: Does consumption warrant concern?
2010 Theriot Virginia Elmore Assessing the current state and future outlook of the Lake Murray watershed, South Carolina
2010 Schrag Jeffrey Predictor modeling of naturally occurring radium  in private residential drinking water wells of the inner coastal Plain of South Carolina
2010 Berry Joshua An Analysis of Nuclear Power's Potential viability as a Transition Energy Technology in South Carolina
2010 Chhotray Shilpi An Assessment of the Perception, Level of Involvement, and Needs of User-Groups for Marine Protected Areas in the Carolinas
2010 Egbue Onanwa Presidential Executive Orders and Energy Conservation in the United States Federal Government: An Analysis of Conservation Methodologies in a Department of Defense Naval Hospital
2010 Gravel Belinda Development and Implementation of a Multimedia Environmental Auditing Tool.
2010 Patel Aashka Locating Sources of Bacterial Contamination in the Toms Creek Watershed
2009 Flowers Molly An examination of the legal, social, and environmental issues that surround the restoration of tidal hydrology in Edisto Beach, SC
2009 Wurzel Whitney The Influence of Science Teaching Efficacy on Teacher Interaction with Outdoor Environmental Education Sites
2009 Keltner Susan It’s Getting Hot: University of South Carolina Students’ Electricity Usage in Residence Halls, Their Attitudes Toward Climate Change, and the Subsequent Savings in Electricity and Averted Emissions that can Result the Promotion of Energy Efficient Behaviors and Infrastructure Improvements
2009 Mehrzad Alan Groundwater dynamics in a floodplain on the South Carolina Coastal Plain. Implications for methylmercury transport
2009 Cooper Chanda Integrating Schoolyard Flora into the First Grade Science Curriculum
2008 Artz Jessica An Assessment of Water Quality and Urbanization in the Gills Creek Watershed
2008 Chesebrough Elizabeth From grease traps to bio-gold? An Environmental and Economic cost-benefit assessment of converting trap grease into Biodiesel
2008 Elouradighi Selma Integration of ISO 14001:2004 EMS into ISO 9001:2000 QMS in a Commercial Printer
2008 Gauthier Nathan Green Building Resource for Harvard University
2008 Wooten John Assessing the restoration feasibility of Rocky Branch Creek: An Integrated Watershed Management Approach
2008 Rambow William (Bates) An Assessment of the Feasibility of Water Quality Trading in the Lower Catawba River Basin
2008 Martin John A study of the Science, Economics and Perceptions related to implementation of traditional and innovative stormwater best management practices in Coastal South Carolina
2007 Bales Britton Audrey An Evaluation of Extensive Green Roof Plants for Suitability in the Midlands Region of South Carolina
2007 Chacon Carlos The Relationship Between Land Use and Bird Diversity in Beaufort County, South Carolina
2007 Hunsucker Rebecca Potential Impacts of an Interstate Highway & Public Involvement throughout the Process
2007 McCary Laura An Evaluation of Methods in Geochemistry for the Identification of Areas with Elevated Levels of Uranium in the Ground Water
2007 Ryan Tamara Congaree National Park: The Potential for Eutrophication of Wise and Weston Lakes
2006 Williams Simone Modeling Fiddler Crab Population and Habitat Distribution in North Inlet, SC: A Predictive Remote Sensing Approach
2006 Watson Christopher The University of South Carolina: A Catalyst for Sustainable Development?
2006 Castleberry Joshua Spatial Ecology of the Agkistrodon Complex in the Coastal Plain of South Carolina
2006 Semon Kathleen The Role of Planned Unit Developments (PUDs) in Coastal Zone Management
2006 Johnston Peter Reproductive Success and Intraspective Competition of the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker
2006 Brantley Daniel Using Visual and Biological Stream Assessments as Surrogate Methods of Identifying Water Pollution of the 303(d) Listed Bush River Watershed
2006 Durr Elaine Survey of LEED Water Efficiency Credits and Strategies in the Southeastern United States
2005 Landmeyer Dolores A Cost Benefit Analysis and Regulatory Analysis of Petroleum Aboveground Storage Tanks
2005 Enciso-Upegui Sandra A Cost Benefit Analysis of Draexlmaier Automotive of America, LLC (DAA) Environmental Management System (EMS)-ISO 14001
2005 Suggs Kristi Stormwater Analysis to Assess Local Urban Needs for Integrated and Best Management Practices (IMP/BMP): Hidden Creek in Rock Hill, South Carolina
2005 Gomez Lynette An Assessment of Human Activities and Their Impacts on the Rio Grande Watershed in Southern Belize
2004 Ruiz Alvarado Claudia Land Acquisition for the Conservation of Wetlands in the Eastern Coastal Plain of South Carolina
2004 Rota Matthew Community Views and Valuations of Undeveloped Urban Forests: A Case Study of a Parcel of Land Adjacent to Northern Columbia, South Carolina
2004 Rose Leonard Species Diversity and Condition of the Fish Community During a Drought in Congaree National Park
2004 Cohen Renee How to Achieve Sustainable Seafood Education in the Seafood Industry: Tracing How Marine Fishes Get from the Sea to the Table
2004 Alava Saltos Juan Jose Assessment of Persistent Organochlorine Pollutants in Loggerhead Sea Turtle Eggs, Caretta caretta (Chelonii:Chelonidae) from Florida, USA
2004 Ferrance Abigail The Development of a Self-Audit Guide as a Part of SC DHEC’s Small Specialty Chemical Manufacturing Company Compliance Assistance Initiative
2004 Washburn Meika Sustainable Tourism on Edisto Island, SC: An African American Resident’s Perspective
2003 Weidner Scott Projected Effects of Ground and Surface Water Withdrawal in the Trident Area, South Carolina
2003 Fuhr Lacey “Zoo Rhymes with Poo”: High School Students’ Perceptions of and Participation in Zoo Education Programs and Recommendations for Zoo Professionals
2003 Long Kristen Communicating Environmental Risk: A Case Study Approach Involving Superfund Sites in South Carolina
2003 McKnight Megan The Cooper River Wetlands: A Cost Benefit Analysis of Four Management Plans
2003 Cashion James Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture: Evaluation of the TRMM Microwave Imager (TMI) Satellite for the Little River Watershed Tifton, Georgia
2003 Crews Miot Controlling Surface Lead (Pb) Migration at Small Arms Ranges, Fort Jackson, South Carolina
2003 Edwards Leigh Conservation and the Private Citizen in South Carolina
2003 Danielsen Michael The Use and Implementation of Innovative Technologies for Investigating Selected Sites at the Naval Weapons Station, Charleston, South Carolina
2003 East Tammie Relationship of the Degree of Impervious Cover to the Degree of Local Surface Water Fecal Coliform Impairment
2003 Whitlock Jacqueline Development of a GIS-Based Suitability Model to Determine the Distribution of Hydrilla verticillata on the Lake Murray Reservoir, South Carolina
2002 Cooper Gina Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design™ (LEED™) and Higher Education: At the University of South Carolina Living and Learning Center
2002 Cumberbatch-King Kendi An Assessment of the Impact of Land Use Changes on the Ground Water Resources of the Clermont Catchment of Barbados
2002 French Stacey Using Background Inorganic Soil Concentrations when Conducting Risk Based Corrective Action Under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
2002 Kauffman Jeffrey Nitrogen Dynamics in Tidal Creek Wetlands in the Okatee Estuary, South Carolina
2002 Matsui Toshihisa Influence of Land-Atmosphere Interaction on Variability of the North American Monsoon System Using Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling
2002 McWilliams Halle M. Development of an Ultraviolet Fiber Optic Spectrometer Detection System for Monitoring Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Processes
2002 Radakovich Bobby The Effects of Land Use on Phosphorus Concentrations in the Pee Dee Basin of
2001 Bixby Julie An Assessment of the Implementation of Interagency Cooperation Requirements of the Endangered Species Act: South Carolina Case Studies
2001 Iza Sara Conserving Habitat: A Snapshot of the Effectiveness of the Consultation Process Within the Essential Fish Habitat Provision of the Sustainable Fisheries Act of 1996
2001 Lenahan Susan An Analysis of Food Waste Reduction and Disposal Alternatives in Military Installations in South Carolina
2001 Locklear Elizabeth A Decision Support System for the Reverse Logistics of Product Take-Back using Geographic Information Systems and the Concepts of Sustainability
2001 McMillan Sanders The Effect of Significant Life Experiences on the Development of Environmental Beliefs: With an Emphasis on Implications for Environmental Education
2001 Saraprayogi Purwasto Tidal Exchange of Nutrients in the Freshwater Wetlands on the Upper Cooper River, SC
2000 Bach Barbara Analysis of the Process for the Establishment of a Marine Sanctuary in South Carolina
2000 Grigg David A GIS Infrastructure Planning Application for the S.C. Lowcountry Council of Governments (LCOG)
2000 Kaiser Heinz Technical and Market Feasibility of Using Dense Phase Carbon Dioxide for Sterilization in Hospitals
2000 Ley Amanda The Relationship of Plant Density to Biomass Per Plant and Productivity in a Spartina Salt Marsh on Edisto Island, SC
2000 Morrison Susanne PAYT: An Effective Method for Communities to Increase Their Recycling Participation?
2000 Wetzer Regina Addressing Evolutionary Questions in Crustacea with Molecular and Morphological Phylogenetics
2000 Wheeler Randall Soil Erosion and Sedimentation in Upper Mill Creek, Fort Jackson, SC
1999 Hunter Willene Effect of Squirrel Excluder Device (SQEDs) on Foraging behavior of red-cockaded woodpeckers (Picoides borealis)
1999 Matsui Toshihisa Influence of Land-Atmosphere Interaction on Variability of the North American Monsoon System Using Remote Sensing and Numerical Modeling
1999 Schizas Nikolaos Ecological Genetics of a Marine Copepod Inhabiting Clean and Contaminated Intertidal Mudflats
1999 Tillman Roger Hazardous Waste Incineration: A Case Study in Roebuck, SC
1999 Tolton Rochelle Eco-Industrial Park Development: An Introduction to Communications in the Design Process
1999 Wallace Thomas A Practical GIS Tool for Environmental Sustainability Analysis for Infrastructure Planning in Coleton, Jasper, Hampton and Beaufort Counties of SC
1998 Albertson Michael Basement Structure Beneath the Atlantic Coastal Plan, The Savannah River Site, South Carolina: A Deep Seismic Profile
1998 Cockrell Kimberly Wetland Functional Evaluation: A GIS Based Approach for the 401 Certification Process
1998 Flynn Sean Implementing a Hydrocarbon Contamination Assessment and Remediation Strategy Evaluation at and Abandoned Leaking Underground Storage Take Site
1998 Hill Arleen Seismic Hazard Susceptibility in Southwestern Montana: Comparison at Dillon and Bozeman
1998 Kulaib Ameena The Technical and Economic Viability of Applying Aquifer Storage and Recovery Technique in Al Ain area, Abu Dhabi Emirates, U.A.E.
1998 Richmond Courtney Environmental Variability and Benthic Invertebrates: The Individual and Population-level Effects of Estuarine Salinity Fluctuations
1998 Trudnak Jeffrey Modeling Three Dimensional Geological Variation for Contamination Potential Mapping Using Geographic Information Systems
1997 Cardoso-Neto Joao The Purge Water Management System: Introduction and Evaluation of an Innovative Groundwater Monitoring Well Sampling Technology at the Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC
1997 Greenwell Renee Alluvial Fan Development: A Key to Segmentation of the Red Rock Fault, Southwestern Montana
1997 Howlett Kevin Pallet Solutions: A Business Plan for a Small Business in The Pallet Recycling Industry
1997 Mansour Malik Technical, Economical, and Environmental Evaluation of a Quarrying Process in the Nile Cement Company, Sudan