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Lang Lab News


Katie presented a poster on her Atlantis Massif research at AGU in San Francisco (12/2016)


 Graduate student Katie Hickok presented a poster at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco titled "Serpentinization and Synthesis: Can biotic and abiotic non-volatile organic molecules be identified in the subsurface of the Atlantis Massif?"



Collaborator Katrina Twing test the new Lang Lab water sampler on submarine Alvin (7/2016)

Collaborator Katrina Twing (University of Utah) had the opportunity to participate in a UNOLS training cruise over the summer. She used the opportunity to test the newly developed Lang Sampler on the submersible Alvin. The sampler can collect liters of water from deep sea hydrothermal vents. Check out the video here

   Lang group outing to the new Fireflies Baseball Stadium (4/2016)

 The Lang Group made it out to the newly arrived Fireflies Baseball Statium for a well deserved break after a lot of hard work this semester. From left to right: Susan Lang, Emma Wanamaker, Tran Nguyen, Katie Hickok, Hannah Park

Susan and Katie travel to the Kochi Core Center in Japan to process samples from Expedition 357 (2/2016)

 Susan and M.S. student Katie help to process samples from IODP 357 at the Kochi Core Center in Japan along with collaborators Beth Orcutt (Bigelow), William Brazelton and his M.S. student Christopher Thornton (Univ Utah), and Yuki Morono (JAMSTEC). Facilities there are specially designed to minimize the introduction of external contaminants to samples. It was a treat to experience. Thank you to Nan Xiao (JAMSTEC) for all her organization and hard work in hosting us and Fumio Inagaki (JAMSTEC) for the use of the facilities.  


Expedition 357 comes to a close (12/2015)

 We have samples! After many tests and much negotiating, the science party decided to wrap the samples that will be used for microbiology in acid washed Teflon sheeting and store them under a nitrogen atmosphere in sealed bags at -80C. These will be shipped to Kochi Core center where we'll remove the outside of samples, homogenize them, and distribute them to the science party.  

Midpoint of  IODP Expedition #357 (11/2015)

RG2 Rock drill deployment The British Geologial Survey's rock drill being deployed over the side of boat. It is designed to sit directly on the seafloor and houses the recovered rocks into a magazine.    

Departing on IODP Expedition #357 (10/2015)

 The RSS James Cook is loaded with two rock drills, 12 science party and expedition members, and enough food for a full 45 days at sea.   

Testing Flame Sterilization (9/2015)

 flame sterilization  One way to make sure that surface contamination is eliminated when collecting material for microbiology is to flame sterilize it. But does that introduce organic contamination? We are testing to find out.  

Lost City Cruise funded! (9/2015)

   Lang and collaborators Brazelton, Lilley, Kelley, and Fruh-Green were funded through NSF to return to the Lost City hydrothermal field. We'll be investigating life in the subseafloor and the connection between serpentinization, carbon, and life.   

Russ and Hannah Present their research at the USC Summer Symposia (7/2015)

 Undergraduates Russ and Hannah presented their research at the USC Summer Research Symposia.  

  Safety Training for Upcoming IODP Expedition  (6/2015)

   Safety first! Before leaving on Expedition 357 all the scientists had to demonstrate they could swim in gumby survival suits and get into and out of a life raft.