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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

John Hodge

Adjunct Professor

Phone Number: 803 777-4535
Research Areas: Society, Policy & Environment
Research Summary:

M.S., J.D., University of South Carolina, 1981, 1983. Environmental Attorney, Geologist. Adjunct Professor, Environment and Sustainability Program, USC and President of Hodge and Associates, LLC. Environmental remediation, impact assessment and mitigation; coastal processes; environmental law and regulatory systems.

John Hodge, Esq.

Mr. Hodge, a Registered Professional Geologist (P.G.), serves both as an environmental attorney and consultant. He is licensed in both Carolinas and is a former staff attorney for the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. Highlights of his environmental work include:

  • The first Brownfield agreement in South Carolina.
  • More than 100 transactions that have resulted in voluntary clean-up/Brownfi eld agreements and the resolution of environmental liabilities.
  • His design of several unique wetlands preservation trusts, as part of a wetlands mitigation plan for a major aircraft manufacturing facility, technology park, and other facilities.
  • Worked with the South Carolina Department of Commerce and Vought Aircraft Industries to create the Ashley-Cooper Rivers Environmental Trust.