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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Environment & Sustainability Program Advisors

Jessica Barnes Water Resources
Carol Boggs Conservation Biology
Kirstin Dow Climate and Adaptation
Gwendelyn Geidel Water Quality
Conor M. Harrison Energy and Society
L. Allan James Fluvial Geomorphology and Water Resources
W. Joe Jones Sustainability; Marine Ecology and Evolution
David Kneas Environmental Humanities?
John A. Kupfer Biogeography
Thomas Lekan Environmental History
Jim Morris Wetland and Estuarine Ecology
Dwayne Porter Ecology and Evolution
Timothy Mousseau GIS and Public Health
Jennifer R. Pournelle Sustainability and Anthropology
Joe Quattro Fisheries and Vertebrate Ecology
Scott White Geophysics
Alicia Wilson Hydrogeology
Neal Woods Environmental Policy