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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Environment & Sustainability

The relationship between humans and the natural environment is complex, yet critical to human health and well-being. Our interactions with the environment and its resources are shaped by our social, political, economic, and cultural attributes. At the same time, our actions impact the state of the environment, and the sustainability of environmental systems, in ways understood through the natural sciences. Understanding our relationship to the environment and fostering solutions to environmental and sustainability problems is therefore inherently an interdisciplinary undertaking. Research and scholarship by environment and sustainability oriented faculty within the SEOE integrates a wide range of natural scientific and social-cultural disciplines, as we seek to understand the extraordinarily complex interactions among organisms, their environments, and humans. 

The School of the Earth, Ocean, and Environment offers several undergraduate and graduate degree programs within the focus area of Environment & Sustainability.  Information on Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees can be accessed through the links below. 

B.A. in Environmental Studies
B.S. in Environmental Science
Master of Earth & Envrironmental Resources 
Management (MEERM)
MEERM/JD Dual Degree, joint with School of Law