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College of Arts & Sciences
School of the Earth, Ocean and Environment

Marine Science Masters Degree Program Requirements

MS in Marine Science

The Master of Science degree program prepares students for professional careers in industry and government, or for the pursuit of further graduate degrees. A written thesis or peer-reviewed manuscript is required for students seeking a M.S. degree. M.S. students are expected to conduct scientific research under the supervision of an advisor, and to have a basic understanding of the fundamental principles and practices related to the primary area of their study.

The School of the Earth, Ocean & Environment expects all graduates to possess effective oral and written communication skills.

Upon admission, M.S. students must make satisfactory progress toward the award of the degree, including:

(1)   Selection of Thesis Advisor from the faculty of the SEOE  (selected prior to admission)

(2)   Formation of a Master’s Thesis Committee (1st year) - see FORMS page

(3)   Submission of a M.S. Program of Study (1st year) - see FORMS page

(4)   Sumbission of a M.S. Program of Study Adjustment Form (if necessary) - see FORMS page

(5)   Thesis Qualifying & Comprehensive Exam (1st year);  faculty assessment forms due following presentation - see FORMS page

(6)   Thesis Defense (2nd year); faculty assessment forms due following presentation - see FORMS page.  

(7)   Thesis Signature and Approval Form - see FORMS page


It is expected that a full-time student will obtain a M.S. degree within two years of admission.